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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

Welcome to bloodberi's hub!

I'm a panda who loves arts and photography!

Get to know me by viewing my gallery!, but if you want to ask me anything just send me a note, I'll reply as soon as I read them! Don't be shy, coz I am also shy... and I don't bite XD

Don't forget to check out my and

...And so the love month ended and I didn't realize I was submitting one male fave after another for the month of February and therefore I decided to compile them and just make my own rankings. I hope you have a great time reading :)

15. Tamahome | Fushigi Yugi
What I like about Tamahome is his comical personality and his love for his family is very admirable. The classic drawing is also an additional point.

14. Van Fanel | Vision of Escaflowne
Not really my top favorite in terms of personality, I just love the drawing of this anime and I really find Van attractive even with the lack(or minimal amount) of muscles. XD
Van Fanel by bloodberi
13. Shoto Todoroki | Boku no Hero Academia
Haven't seen this anime yet but he seems to be a really cool, like literally cool and hot. I am curious to know how he is as a character and as a comrade.
Shoto Todoroki by bloodberi
12. Sousuke Sagara | Full Metal Panic Fumoffu
This guy never fails to make me laugh. He is not that good looking but his personality and skills level is beyond comparison, who would think of detonating love letters? XD

11. Wizard Howl | Howl's Moving Castle
I like Studio Ghibli movies, and Howl is my favorite character amongst all. He is charming, quite self conscious, powerful and has a really beautiful pair of eyes. 
Wizard Howl by bloodberi
10. Battosai Kenshin Himura | Samurai X
He is an amazing and a really skilled swordsman, what's not to like about him? hmm yes he has flaws but I still like him. XD
Battousai Kenshin by bloodberi
9. Shuichi Minamino | Yuyu Hakusho 
I like him in both human form and in his demon-fox form. I admire his intelligence and his hair colors XD
Kurama by bloodberi
8. Tomoya Okazaki | Clannad
Tomoya is just an average anime guy when I first started watching Clannad. What made me like him so much is his character development all throughout the story. From a delinquent to a fully responsible adult.

7. Sakata Gintoki | Gintama
Behind his lazy personality and natural perm lies a real Samurai. He is probably one of the funniest character I have seen so far and yet also one of the most sensible character there is. When he becomes serious he actually makes a lot of sense. XD
Untitled by bloodberi
6. Taki Tachibana | Kimi no Na wa
I love the movie so much because of the main characters and of course story wise one of the most epic. I like Taki as Taki and I like Taki when Mitsuha is Taki XD.
Taki from Kimi No Na Wa by bloodberi
5. Levi Ackerman | Shingeki no Kyojin
He is super cool when he fights and really cute when doing his house hold chores.
Captain Levi by bloodberi
4. Ranma Saotome | Ranma 1/2
Tsundere and egoistic martial artist in one. On the other hand, Ranma is a really funny character and indeed a smart fighter who uses his strength and curse to outwit his opponents. Despite being the main protagonist he has a lot of flaws and that makes him even more adorable.

3. Roy Mustang | Full Metal Alchemist
I find him charming, funny and his skills as a fire alchemist is exceptional. His leadership is also commendable and I can say he is quite cute in his own ways.
Roy Mustang by bloodberi
2. Gray Fullbuster | Fairy Tail
Aside from that stripping habit, everything about him is just amazing. He is a powerful ice mage, a funny character, handsome, and totally sexy XD. 
Untitled by bloodberi
1. Gin | Hotarubi no Mori e
I was really enthralled the moment he removed his mask and revealing that simple yet attractive face that you just want to caress. I was expecting some scar or deformation hidden behind the mask, that was why it really made me smile to see that he was just a normal looking guy. Sometimes simple things stand out. ^^
Gin from Hotarubi no Mori e by bloodberi

These are my personal preference based on what anime's I've seen so far. They are my long time and current anime crushes or favorites. I still have a long list to go but so far these are the anime guys that took my breath away. Either by their personality (humor is a big yes), looks (the hair and the eyes matter, don't forget the abs XD) and/or how they are drawn. Sometimes, I like a character based on the anime story and not just how they look. How about you? Who are your favorites and what are your criterias?

Honorable mentions: Shichika Yasuri from Katanagatari, Nuriko and Hotohori from Fushigi Yugi, Kaede Rukawa from Slam Dunk, L from Death Note, Zoro from One Piece, Shikamaru from Naruto, Kuo Mabuchi from Ao Haru Ride.

P.S. Some of these images are stashed and not submitted because I feel less confident about publishing them. Should I publish them or just keep them stashed? XD


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